It’s a Berry Good Season At Orr’s

Pick-your-own season at Orr’s Farm Market is fun the whole family can enjoy. Handpick the freshest fruits and berries at Orr’s pristine orchards in Martinsburg this spring where staying local stays in mind. Fruitful, flowing landscapes have been the site of Orr’s pick-your-own crop for years.

This year, Orr’s provides a wide array of juicy fruits and pristine vegetables that showcase the benefits of local farming. With expanded offerings this season, Orr’s hopes to attract new visitors to the farm and keep options colorful for those who’ve been customers for years. “Pick-your own really draws a crowd because our customers want to be part of the behind- the- scenes process of what they eat. Plus, fruit always tastes the best when you pick it yourself.” said Katy Orr-Dove, retail market manager at Orr’s.

A family-run farm in Martinsburg, West Virginia, Orr’s has been in business since 1954. From berry fields, to the market area filled with WV-made products, to educational outreach, it’s clear Orr’s wants to be an active part of the community. The friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to guide visitors in the fields, answer questions, and provide suggestions. A goal of the Orr family is to help other families—children especially— learn more about agriculture and the benefits to buying local through their experiences at local farms.

Orr family members and employees alike are dedicated to promoting the importance of being good stewards of the land and strong members of the surrounding community. That’s why the farm continues to grow into one of the area’s most enjoyable places and is a fine example of why buying local and eating local matters.

Pick-your-own season brings people together to appreciate the bounty of nature. Visitors get hands-on experience with the foods they eat and they get to see the daily operations of a working farm. Sharing a love of the land and food with community members is a core value of farming, and the Orr family savors every opportunity to be up close and personal with customers.

This time of year, cherries and blueberries are the talk of the farm. Orr’s sweet cherries are available around June 5th and last for 3-4 weeks. Tart cherries are available during pick-your-own season around June 11th and last for about two weeks. At only $2.99/pound, these farm-fresh cherries are not only a bargain but also a great opportunity to shop local.

Plus, cherries help maintain healthy sleep patterns through melatonin— good for your taste buds and your health! Due to a cold spring, Orr’s lost many of their cherries, but a few have been salvaged. Mark your calendars to come pick before they’re all gone!

Blueberries are another essential part of the Orr’s pick-your-own season during the months of June and July. They’ll be ready to pick around June 13th and are expected to stick around for 4-5 weeks at $3.19/pound. Make summertime a little sweeter with berries you can pick yourself not far from home. And while you’re at it, you’ll be doing your body good with the heart-healthy benefits of blueberries.

While the fruit at Orr’s is some of summertime’s best, the farm also offers a wide assortment of home grown garden vegetables in their market. Among many veggies options are eight varieties of tomatoes, including heirloom types, which will be available at the end of July and lasting through August. To find out what other veggies are in the garden, call or stop by the farm. Summer is an exciting season. We get to take full advantage of the great outdoors with fun activities like biking, hiking, swimming, and grilling.

At Orr’s Farm Market, the season is synonymous with the best farm fresh fruits and vegetables. In June and July, two of summer’s signature tastes are ready to roll: red and black raspberries. Get your fill at $3.19/ pound for red raspberries and $4.19/ pound for black raspberries. They go hand-in-hand with warm-weather favorites like smoothies and ice cream. You can find recipes for each on the Orr’s farm website, in addition to a set of recipes for all Orr’s pick your own produce.

Beyond all things fruits and veggies, Orr’s Farm Market has something else to please the senses: pick-your own season for flowers. This year brings Zinnias and different varieties of sunflowers. Pickers are given buckets and clippers and sent off among the rows. This is just another small way that Orr’s tries to make it an experience the whole family can enjoy. Flowers will be available in bouquets of sizes ranging from small through extra-large, with prices listed on the website.

Following pick-your-own flowers, the farm transitions into blackberry harvest season beginning around July 25th and lasting through mid-September. At $3.19/pound, blackberries are wallet-friendly and make the perfect ingredient for classic cobblers. Or, go for something unique with blackberry milkshakes and margaritas.

Orr’s Farm Market is a celebration of food and community. If you enjoy farm-fresh foods and ingredients, make sure to stop by this season. You can pick your own—or not! The market is overflowing with goodies from the fields and WV vendors.

The farm is a great place to spend a summer afternoon with friends or family. Open Monday-Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information about pick-yourown season or Orr’s Farm Market, visit their website, email them at, or give them a call at 304.263.1168.

Author: Brian

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