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“You don’t need a million dollars to feel like a million dollars,” says skin expert Andrei Smith. Everyone, men and women alike, has experienced a moment when you put on your favorite clothes, your hair and skin look great, and you feel like you could conquer the world. Smith and Sean Murphy want to help you get and keep that feeling.

The duo operate a new company based in Berryville, Va., and they are making your personal skin care routine their business. Juliána USA recently celebrated its product launch at a red carpet event at Celadon Spa & Salon in Washington, D.C.

The firm offers two products in its YOUTH2Skin line: Bee Venom Mask and Day & Night Serum. Sure to take the sting out of the cost and discomfort of injections, fillers and other procedures, bee venom is not a substitute for those remedies but, perhaps, it is a welcome delay in seeking out those treatments.

Upon Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince William, her every move, including her skin care routine, came under scrutiny. Bee venom masks, creams and facials have long been popular with celebrities, but the revelation that Kate used the products introduced bee venom to the public. Bee venom facials are priced at $200 and up with pure bee venom costing thousands of dollars per ounce in some markets. YOUTH2Skin brings bee venom to the market at affordable prices according to Smith.

Juliána USA founder and CEO Sean Murphy launched the company with the goal of leading the skin care industry in innovative and effective products. Murphy is joined by Smith, senior sales director at Juliána USA. Smith’s previous experience includes sales and promotions of skin care products at high-end spas in Washington, D.C. “Since you only live once, I’ve always wanted each day to count and to look my best. I’ve always had a passion for skin care,” declares Smith.

“Andrei told me that I needed to treat the wrinkles on my forehead,” Murphy laughs with not a hint of time carved on his boyish good looks. “Your skin is the most evident sign of your youthfulness and beauty so it behooves one to take good care of it.”

So what’s the secret about bee venom and YOUTH2Skin? Murphy explains that, “Melittin, the active compound in bee venom, tricks the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This, along with relaxing facial muscles, has a smoothing and tightening effects on the skin and helps erase hard to remove wrinkles. That’s why bee venom is considered an alternative to Botox.”

According to Murphy, bee venom has been used to treat a wide range of skin conditions since the mid-nineteenth century in Europe. The Juliána bee venom is safely hand-harvested with no harm to the bees and is hypo-allergenic. Murphy says the YOUTH2Skin Bee Venom Mask contains aloe, rose and lavender essential oils to sooth tired skin in a non-greasy formula. Much of the ingredients come from local Virginia farmers.

The YOUTH2Skin Day & Night Serum uses Helix Muller Aspersa glycoconjugates from the humble garden snail. Murphy explains that the snail compound is a powerful bio-active complex and is a rich mixture of proteins and enzymes designed to strengthen and restore skin to look younger and more luminous. He says it works by triggering the regeneration of skin damaged by acne, injuries, over-stretching, photo-aging, and by dermatological and medical treatments. The serum protects, deeply moisturizes and renews skin.

“Ultimately, I have a deep interest in longevity and quality of life,” reflects Murphy, “and skin is the outer layer of this. Juliána USA will take this concept further than skin in the long run.”

Take care of your skin. It’s quite important as it is the outer layer of who you are. For more information visit Juliána USA on Facebook or 

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