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JoanneCooke_ParsnipKaleP51 Opens at Eastern Regional Airport

By Joanne Cooke

These words come to mind when your life is changing – especially when your business life is changing. Recently opening P51 at the Eastern Regional Airport has brought many changes, challenges and possibilities to my life, the lives of my employees, and my family.

The excitement of my business model changing and the possibilities this brings tops the list. Adding the event space, P51, raises my company’s profile to another level when clients hire us. We can now offer not only exquisite food but also an amazing space to host their next function.

P51 at the Eastern Regional Airport overlooks the runway where you can watch those spectacular C5 cargo planes take off and land. This site is truly something to see. Challenges are faced by everyone everyday and the challenges we face are not unique to my business but experienced by business owners worldwide. Having the new space and working out all of the kinks are issues most business owners face throughout their business’s life cycle. Blending work obligations and family needs are also not a surprise but a common theme that weaves through most everyone’s lives these days. We are not different in that respect.

We are different, however, in the fact that our possibilities are endless as to what we can do for our clients now. There are many occasions where you are looking for event space to host an intimate dinner party for your special clients, or an anniversary party with family and friends. P51 is your destination. But if you have a guest list of 400, with an event that is hosted offsite, we are the full service catering company that can make it happen.

Give us a call at 304-268-6664. Check out our Facebook page: www.goumetcooke.com. Come out and see our new space. Sit, relax, and watch the planes. Let us delight your palate and take your event to new heights! 

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