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Helping people fall in love with their smiles

by Sasha Braithwaite
photos by Monika Wertman

For some, it is a normal appointment done at least twice a year. For others, it is a necessary evil. Going to the dentist has haunted many people since childhood, and it has the ability to unnerve the bravest person.

However, it does not have to be that way. Dr. Tammie Miller, at Winchester Dental Spa, has centered her entire practice around not only the best care for her patients, but also ensuring that they can take a situation that is daunting for many and turn it into time well spent.

Winchester Dental Spa opened in May 2014 and has already made an impressive debut with its state-ofthe-art offers and equipment. Dr. Miller, who has been in practice for 18 years, recognized that many of her patients were afraid of going to the dentist for one reason or another. She had moved her practice from Stephens City, Va., to Winchester, Va., and wanted to bring a new concept with her. She and her husband Jackie, the spa’s business manager, made it a joint effort and created a well-developed establishment that would cater to patients’ needs while striving to enhance their overall experience.

“I wanted to gear it towards relaxation because a lot of people, when they come to the dentist, are really afraid, so I wanted to try to help them relax as much as I could,” Dr. Miller says.

At the front of the office is a seating area decorated unlike any dentist office most have ever seen. Beautiful wood paneling fills the entire building, and professional-quality pictures taken by some of her employees are sprinkled throughout the rooms. There is a mini fridge of drinks, and cookies are baked fresh daily for patients. There are flat screen TVs in each room so the patients can watch whatever they would like, and there is also a massage chair for customer use that completely engulfs and thoroughly massages the body. And for many patients, the most important benefit is that Dr. Miller often uses a painless laser in many of her procedures. There are even more spa-like services offered, but the best part is that all of these features are complimentary of Dr. Miller.

Most people see “spa” in the name and assume that procedures and visits would be even more expensive than a regular dental office. However, the prices are the same as they were when she had her practice in Stephens City before incorporating the spa aspect.

“Everything is complimentary because she wants her customer to feel appreciated,” Jackie explains. “She goes by quality over quantity, and that’s kind of hard in a dental practice because the more patients you see, the more money you make. She takes the extra time.

That’s what we want to hit home with, is that it’s not expensive. Don’t let the name fool you.”

The slogan of Winchester Dental Spa is “Fall in love with your smile,” and that is what Dr. Miller and her staff try to help patients achieve. With several dental services, high quality equipment, and complimentary spalike benefits, they are helping patients to not only be happy with their smiles, but to also not let their fears hinder them from obtaining beautiful ones.

Visit for more information on dental procedures offered or call 540-450-8888. Open Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Author: Brian

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